duminică, 15 iunie 2008

Assasinate Me

Golden Chemistry

....and for all of you, haters!

"Why don't you drag and drop
instead of copy and paste?
But you put me in your dustbin
you've got nothing to waste
no I neither came to preach and nor to amuse you
I'm not the king of pop who intends to abuse you

When we get on stage I know you watch in the crowd
I know you want us silent but I shout it out loud

Assassinate me like you did with JFK
Assassinate me like you did with Johnny-Boy
Assassinate me that's the way you solve your problems
but you cannot mute the voice in your head

I know you call me bitch, just a fucking faggot
but in fact you fear the mirror which I'm holding towards your face
get some advice from me
you're so fucking damn ugly
you should take all your money
get some plastic surgery"

2 comentarii:

Onishka spunea...

I love this song.
Ti-am zis ca ii putem aduce? Si ma batea gandul rau sa ii aducem?:D

Inne Inferorum spunea...

Heh,Jesus on Extasy canta foarte tare ^^