luni, 22 noiembrie 2010

English, please!

From now on, my postings will also be in English, keeping the Romanian ones, but they're gonna appear rarely on this blog. Having a lot of friends abroad, has made me to go in English, and I do not think this is gonna be a problem for the Romanian ones. You are intelligent and you understand English, don't you?
Of course, you can comment in any language you want as I will answer you, as long as it is a polite posting, even if it contains criticism. Injuries are not allowed, but if you really want to do that, at least sign yourself and stop being cowards and hide under anonymous posts. I actually do not have the power to terrorize you so good on the internet. In real life, yes.

First of all, I want to announce that I'm gonna make a separate blog with the clothes I want to sell. I've got a lot, and a simple post won't help me because I continuously receive stuff that I'm not interested in or they do not fit me. I'm going to sell them pretty cheap in comparison to their new price, and I'm willingto answer any questions about them, also to provide new photos.

There is also gonna be a blog, a photo blog where I'm going to showcase my artworks. I haven't found any free site that should offer me some good view on it, and a blog can keep me up to date with statistics & other similar things. Until I will have an amount of money to invest in a proper site, I'm going on the safe way: blog!

Also, this one is gonna get much more general. It won't be only a place to share my thoughts, but also a place where I'm going to announce events, post interesting articles I've found on the internet or self promotion for my art! It won't change it's content, I'm just going to add more.

So for now, I'm going to work at my 2 new blogs and hopefully they're gonna be up soon! I have a lot of new artworks to showcase and a lot of things to share!

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Wise John spunea...

Good for you, but where the fuck did you learn English? You said something like "...has made me to go in English" ... where??? what the fuck does that mean in your language? because in English it doesn't mean shit. Sometimes Google translate makes mistakes so... stop using it if you don't know to express yourself in a foreign language!

P.S. It's a stupid idea to express yourself in English... I mean, super stupid!

Malice Bathory spunea...

Even the persons that speak English since they were born make mistakes. But as far as I know, it is correct, maybe it is a new expression but I've heard it several times when I had a conversation with foreign persons. MAYBE it is a fine line between the correctness of that expression.
Wise John, you've send me several messages on this blog with nothing interesting. If it bothers you so much, you can always click the "x" in the top right corner but your desire to create conflicts it's bigger. I suggest to calm down and read a book, or drink a tea. Or get a girlfriend, maybe that will keep you occupied!
Oh, and I only answered for this comment of yours because I'm in a good mood. Feel privileged! Next time I'm just going to ignore you (if the comments are still the same). There is no need to respond to every scum.

Wise John spunea...

I am a very busy person indeed, even though you have a different opinion, but that doesn't mean I don't have the time to criticize people that are not in touch with the daily reality.
You have a world of yourself, a very sick one I might add, and I despise people like you, people who think that they are the center of the shit and everyone else is a spectator. Another thing is that you like picking on these "spectators" but not face to face, you love stabbing them in the back, cowardly, so they don't know what hit them and mostly who. You don't like the truth, that's why you consider my comments "not interesting". I can assure you that many people agree with me and just a few agree with you, that's because your circle is small and limited.
You are not a "Goddess", that's just your sick imagination playing tricks on you, I would suggest to wake the fuck up!
That's all for today.

the elder spunea...

Wise John, before you correct someone, pay attention to yourself: "stop using it if you don't know to express yourself in a foreign language". It is correct to say either "if you don't know HOW to express..." or "if you CAN'T express".

Best wishes.

Malice Bathory spunea...

Wise John, because I am nice again and at least you wrote a decent comment, I'm gonna answer you
Your opinion is definitely wrong. I have a big connection with the reality and that is why I criticize on this blog. I am not stabbing anyone in the back, every person that was criticize here also knows it from my own mouth, there is no need to comment upon this anymore. I would also tell my opinion to you face to face, it doesn't really matter to me.
I DO like the truth, that's again a reason why I write on this blog. Your comments are "not interesting" as you used some vocabulary that wasn't quite appropriate, even if you do not know me personally.
If you do not understand that the "Goddess" thingie is just some satiric adjective, then it is your problem. And even if I do consider myself a "Goddess" what is the problem in believing in my own powers and cultivate my own personality? Above all, we should first think about ourselves and have a good opinion about ourselves and that is the product of a healthy mind, not of some sick imagination.
My circle surprisingly isn't at all small or limited. But I do not think this is relevant for your comment.
I suggest that you should revise your behavior and stop criticize what you do not know. Just because you think that something is wrong, without any solid facts or without even meeting that person, doesn't mean that you are right. And because I do not want you to associate that with me, I've met all the persons I criticized here and I know what I am talking about.

Have a nice day and go back to your daily routine! You said you were a busy person...

Vrexu spunea...

Ah, mă bucur că ai început să mai postezi câte ceva. Eu nu mă risc să vorbesc în engleză căci sunt teribil.. și în plus pe aici criticile se fac, în general, numai de dragul lelei și al audienței.