luni, 30 mai 2011


From all the things I hate the most, I hate hypocrisy. No, not the band, which is actually a good one. I am talking about pretending to have beliefs, opinions, etc that one does not have. I may admit this is a questionable subject as we all change through life, but how much are you changing? Do you actually turn 180 degrees and "destroy" everything you believed in? Or do you keep some remains of "your past"?

I recently came across some of my acquaintances profiles. That kind of persons that were all dressed in black & leather, listened to metal and nagged about how they hate superficial persons, bad music, etc. It is not my business what music genres they hate, but they were all ok for me. At least that is what I thought. Now, I see them dressed in ugly dresses and cheap shoes, all of them into this "indie/hipster" trend with no of their past values. Well, I must tell you that you are some fucken assholes. That's right, you are the lowest scums in my opinion. Why? Because I fucken hate hypocrites and that implies that I hate YOU. How can you just change like that from nothing? I mean, I understand that it is fashionable and as a teenager you experience a lot of things, but really, are you that stupid to go along with any trend from nowadays?

Judge me that I am narrow minded and that I can not accept other tastes. But the truth is that I hate the ones that change at all, change their mind, etc, into a lower state. I have friends that listen to different genres of music, and I myself do that. Tastes are questionable indeed but intelligence, isn't. "Evolving" into a worse person is just plain stupidity, there is no doubt. And persons that do not accept their past/try to hide it or erase it at all are idiots indeed.

I feel sorry for this kind of persons who are changing according to the trend. Yesterday there was the vintage trend, today is so cool to be S&M or a hipster. But that is another subject that I will cover in a different post.

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Lars spunea...

Heh, you should see in 10 years or so... :))

Imagineaza-ti rockeri din liceu devenind manelisti burtosi pe la 30 de ani, ca e asa scarbos ca nici nu stiu sa zic in engleza. ;-)

Vrexu spunea...

All you need is love dum-dum-dum-dum..

Kidding. Încercam să-ți spun să te mai relaxezi din când în când. Cât despre oameni.. oamenii nu se schimbă..

PS: Mă bucur că ai mai pus câte-un post "necomercial".