luni, 8 august 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 02

Day 02 - Your Least Favorite Song

I do "hate" a lot of songs and bands, of course. I can't just love'em all I suppose. But at the moment I find this shit pure garbage :) On top of that, I never actually liked Lady Gaga, not even her appearance. Her music is just like some cheap pop-disco from the 80's-90's, but with a higher budget for the videos. On top of that, I will never appreciate posers. She thinks that she is "oh so different" and people really think that. But keeping in mind that we live in a world where sex and other subjects are on the daily new it isn't really intriguing. Some heavy make-up and designer clothes doesn't make you special.

It's blunt, boring and makes you puke - Pure Garbage

2 comentarii:

K. spunea...

Nici eu nu ascult GaGa,sau Lady CaCa,imi este indiferenta prezenta ei. Dar, ca sa fiu nitel rautacioasa,ca deh, daca n-as fi asa, n-as fi eu,mi se pare mie, sau mataluta esti geloasa ca nu esti asa"feimas" ca ea si n-ai vocea ei?
Just saying.Oricum n-o sa accepti comentariul,ca deh,nu te ridic in slavi.

Malice Bathory spunea...

Accept cat timp nu sunt injuraturi :)
Mi se pare insa irelevanta concluzia ta. Scopul meu in viata nu este sa devin faimoasa pentru o perioada scurta de timp cum este ea, sau mai bine zis nu imi doresc sa fiu "feimas" si nici sa am vocea ei. Nu mi se pare nimic special in legatura cu ea, nu as avea motive sa fiu geloasa :) Daca ea a avut noroc ca acum sa fie "peste tot", n-am ce sa ii reprosez. Dar subliniez ca nu e nimic special pentru mine, si nici vocea ei nu este cine stie ce.