miercuri, 31 august 2011

About ..... me

I am mostly surprised when there are still persons that try to imitate me or have a deep hatred towards me out of nowhere (in fact, we all know that frustration is at the basis of all these things. Or stupidity. Or both.). Not that this didn't happen to me before, but I wasn't even active on any social site for the past 2-3 years (ok, besides that Facebook account). I never thought I am so important for some persons that keep stalking all my profiles and try to get my Yahoo password or other accounts. This young generation sure is fucked up! It is so funny how the human mind works. If you can't reach it, hate it.

I also tried to ignore these kind of persons. There is no use to practically give them attention. This isn't for me, even if some of you expect me to start swearing or whatever just because my name is Malice and I used to do that in the past. Now that is the most stupid thing I have ever heard! Persons that know me in real life know me exactly who I am and my sarcasm. You just prove that you are lifeless, with no friends and you have a deep frustration. Otherwise, I can’t give myself an answer. I used to make articles where I usually made fun of persons but at least I knew them and I now realized that you can write as much as you can. You won't change a person with just a few words :) I may add that nobody gets smarter if you tell them that they are stupid.

I, Malice, besides hating, I love and kiss and enjoy a few things. I am not a frustrated bitch that cries for dick or worse than that, for attention. Those who want to know me or appreciate what I do, what I make or what I create, are not ass kissers. But some of you can't really understand that when your skills in Photoshop resume to disastrous blending and puking colors. On top of that, we are all different. If someone likes a thing, other person will probably hate it.

And because no persons can have only friends, the ones that don't appreciate me, simply do not talk to me and they will eventually close the window with my postings, art, etc. That is because they have brains for that and they are not limited to two neurons so they won't be able to close a damn window (pretty hard to do that, no?)

Malice is EVIL, with sarcasm and guts that most of the persons do not have. I speak my mind and share my opinions. I know I've beaten persons and kicked boots in faces and made a lot of things. But when I hated someone, at least I knew them before and told them. And the problem is? I can do whatever I want (well as far as this world has that thing called "liberty") and I do not care about criticism. Try to beat that, kiddos!

I am Malice. I own Tanz Die Revolution the only electro-industrial-gothic community from Romania. And I say again "community" as there are other persons as well that promotes these genres but through other ways. It's been for almost a year and it's still growing. At least I tried to do something and fortunately TDR has success. You wanted industrial parties? I give them to you and when the website will be finished, you will find more interesting features. I believe in this cause, I offer free cds, t-shirts, stickers and that is just to promote this scene. I do not want to change people's minds, I want them to feel good, have a wonderful night and maybe they will listen to this at their places. I won’t put interdiction to my parties and everyone is welcomed at them, even if it is friend or foe. I am not doing this for me, I am doing this for you, the ones that enjoy these genres.

I admit that I had a lot of conflicts in the past and I did a lot of things, but they are now resolved and some of my worst enemies are some of my best friends. We all change, but I just improved myself.

In the end, the point is that I really do not care. I am myself. I know exactly who I am and what I am. Same goes for the persons around me. I am not "touched" by opinions that are coming from kids or from persons that do not know me at least face to face. So please, “anonymous” users that keep commenting on my blog… Get a life and do something else. I do enjoy constructive criticism and rational human beings, don’t get me wrong.

And seriously... how can you pretend to hate me when everything you do is exactly the same thing I do? Although I do not approve with this saying but "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery". And I'm going to say "Thank you" for choosing me as your role model. It's not flattery? Imitation? Well your actions tell me a different thing.

Instead of you though, I am not going to tell things about her. No, no, I am to mature to act like a 15 year old girl. I will not waste my time stalking your profiles. As I do have other things to do. And I will not pay any attention to you. Because you are nobody

With this I think I made myself clear. Maybe some of you will call me a hypocrite for answering a 15-16 year old (don’t know for sure) with this post. But in fact, this is for all of you. She was just a little trigger and that’s all. And maybe I still believe that there is a little bit of intelligence in all of you that keep trying to make me feel bad or something. So, I now am “user friendly” and tell you that I am not the Queen of Goth in Romania. Or the first Cyber chick. Or whatever you may think. I am Malice Bathory, a vain, arrogant and antisocial girl from Romania that tries to promote the industrial-gothic subculture. I am not the most important girl in the world but I am not unnoticed either. I do what I want and nobody can stop me.

Nobody is the first or the last to do a thing. Get used with this, all of you.

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Thomas spunea...

That is a great article, Miss Malice :)

Ioana Filipaş spunea...

Tocmai mi-am amintit că nici noi două nu ne suportam într-o vreme :))

Malice Bathory spunea...

Ha ha, de fapt cu multi nu ma suportam dar ... here we are :)