marți, 21 februarie 2012

The Sedlec Ossuary

One of the things I really want to visit in this world besides the very known pyramids and the cold weather of England is The Sedlec Ossuary, in the Czech Republic. Now this is the House of 1000 Corpses!(which was actually a source of inspiration for Rob Zombie)

It is estimated to containn between 40.000 and 70.000 skeletones, beautifully and ingenious arranged to form furniture and decorative items for the chapel.

The macabre artist responsable of this sick beauty is František Rint and it dates from 1870.  Before it was just a simple gothic church in the middle of a cemetary and its lower chapel was used to store skeletons from the graves unearthed during construction.

For more info you can check out Wikipedia or their official website.

I know where I'm going to invoke demons from now on.

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