joi, 9 februarie 2012

Update 2.0

Being an egocentric bitch, I need to talk about myself. And it was quite a long time since I did that on my blog. It's not like I spend my time on the internet so more as I used to do 5 years ago. Or at least that is what I think, as I remember spending my time with my friends in that period rather than being online 24/7.
A lot has happened but it does not make any sense to start talking about the past. Is too much to write about it and I am not quite in the mood of writing right now. But I'll just highlight some things:

Protests in Romania: I think nobody would have though that Romanians have the guts to protest in such a cold weather or for so long (and as I speak, there are persons protesting!). I went there most of the days, although the last week I skipped it due to a beautiful cold. But yes, I experienced everything. From being chased down by the police and secret services to receiving a smoking grenade right in my face while being chased. Burning shops, angry mob and unnecessary use of force. And when I looked at some live TV's how the protests where presented, I started to puke immediately as, of course, they distorted the reality. Many persons were beaten just because they were there, it didn't matter if they were or were NOT protesting, molotov cocktails and a lot of thrown stones. Too much to talk about it and to much to argue.
I feel sad as most of the persons seemed not to be bothered by what happened or some of them think that after the prime minister resigned, everything will be pink. We all know that Romania has a problem with ALL of the politicians, regardless of their faction. They are ALL corrupted, they have ALL stolen and ALL of them do not care about us. Just what they have in their pockets. This is a delicate subject indeed but I promise I will try to talk about it more often or at least write down some words about it (not only on facebook).
Although the president and the political parties that rule Romania want to calm down the mob by replacing all the ministers and the prime minister, it won't work. Everybody knows that there is no change, there are only puppets.
A.C.T.A. is currently one of the biggest concerns nowadays as Romania also signed the treaty. On 11th february (my previous post contains some links regarding the protests) there will be a massive manifestation against the treaty. If this is going to be implemented we will not have even the little bit of freedom we enjoy right now. Here is a little movie that explains it better:

I'll leave the protest subjects a little bit behind, and continue with the news. I formerly started to get more orders. I mean, artwork orders. And I am so anxious to post them, but I have to wait until they are officially released, so yes, I can only update my portfolio just with new posters.

Also, me and Grace (from Lux Noctis) are planning some sort of Romanian tour with our new concept, Disaster Party, a mixture between post-punk, deathrock, 80's with synthpop, ebm, darkwave, as many of you were asking for them. We were already contacted by different clubs in various towns, so we will tell you more about this in the future, when the dates are going to be confirmed (this will starts in spring - summer).

Also, after my lovely experience last year in Germany at WGT, I am considering I should go again. I am still waiting for the line-up but as far as I know over 30 bands confirmed on their facebook accounts their participation at the festival and some of them are Eisbrecher, Agonoize and Nachtmahr! Below are the other "unofficial bands"

Ain Soph
Banane Metalik
Dr. Geek and the Freakshow
Global Citizen
Invincible Spirit
Jamey Rottencorpse and The Rising Dead
Licia Missori
Midgards Boten
Mueran Humanos 

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
Projekt Mensch
Secret Discovery
Sixth June
Spiral 69
Steven Severin
The Batonist
The Fright
The Hellfreaks
The Names

 I started getting pretty busy lately and I am overwhelmed with all the things I have to do. But at least I can earn money staying at home and not working in an office :p 

Oh and I almost forgot! Can you little pussies stop stalking me? You are just making me famous. And badass.

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