miercuri, 15 august 2012

ArtMania 2012

Got back from Sibiu and also stopped in Sighisoara for a little bit. ArtMania was good, but not my favorite edition of them all.

We had a long and hard road to Medias (where we had to change the train and go to Sibiu). The train had a two hours delay and it was packed with people, all kinds of them: Gipsies, Hippies, Grannies and, we, the goths. We managed though to survive and arrived safely in Sibiu at six AM (and we left at 20:40 or should I say 21:30 - because of the delay).

We barely got some sleep (2 hours) at a friends' place and then we started to take Sibiu by foot 'till we got at the Big Square. It was nice to revisit this city, I always enjoy it. I like the architecture, the weather and the people.

We managed to lose the time until the Deathstars concert which was fabulous. Although, I might say that they should have sung before Die Toten Hosen, not before Epica. Great choice of tracks, handsome guys, what should I say more?

Epica was no interest for me so I stayed and got prepared (drunk) for Die Toten Hosen.

Oh well, you can see when a band has experience. Die Toten Hosen made everybody jump around, my feet still hurt from all the moshpit I've made (on heels btw). WONDREFUL concert, they sucked the life out of me.

After that we stayed a little bit at the Lux Noctis Artmania Afterparty and went home because we were veeeeery sleepy (2 hours not enough)

We actually planned to return in Bucharest the second day, Saturday, but I've managed to find a car for free which was leaving Sunday. So with all that extra-cash, what shall we do? Drink my friends! We've met some interesting guys from Sibiu that got drunk, we almost got into a fight, we managed to do a little bit of pub crawling.... It was fun for quite a high amount of alcohol (gin, whiskey, vodka, beer, wine). Met two pub owners which we actually got in a fight at first, but then we were friends and started to talk business.

I woke up next morning in the middle of a white bed in a rush to catch the car back to Bucharest. One hour of sleep actually, but it was a very very good time.

Arrived in Sighisoara, I was like a walking zombie. Enjoyed the city (I want to go there again and not visit it in a hurry), the sights, the food and then back to Bucharest where I had a shock, cultural one.

Oh well, this is the capital. Meh.

Now I will enjoy some time with my brother and then go in Galati for 3 weeks.

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