sâmbătă, 15 septembrie 2012

TANZ DIE REVOLUTION - Electro-Industrial Party tonight in Underworld Club

Tanz Die Revolution is opening the season for electro-industrial! You have the right to party on 15th September, in Underworld Club (48, Coltei St., Bucharest) from 22:00!

Tanz Die Revolution Party is the one and only event promoting electro-industrial genres. From the sweet synthpop beats and the eerie sounds of darkwave, to the dancing EBM/electro and the toughest Hardstyle, the TDR crew is trying to satisfy your hunger for digital sounds.

This edition, we will have the pleasure to listen to:

DJ MNDFK - From 10-11 PM and 1-2 AM

DJane MALICE - From 12-1 AM and 2-3 AM

Guest DJ:
PHILOSOPHEON - From 11-12 AM and 3-'till last man standing

Prizes will also be available for the ones that will participate! All you have to do is to attend the event and you will have the chance to win:

- 2 Official Tanz Die Revolution T-Shirts
- 1 beautiful choker from Gothic Accesories (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gothic-Accesories/120881128007359)
- 2 invitations at our 2 Years Anniversary + Halloween Party on 27th October http://www.facebook.com/events/214420978687750/?ref=ts

5 prizes for 5 electroheads. But we are not finished.

You can find on the club's tables stickers with your favorite electro-industrial bands, as well as with Tanz Die Revolution, Vampirefreaks and Gothic Accesories!

Come and join us to the new sounds of the underground!

And don't forget!

Spread the electro-industrial infection!
Keep calm and attend Tanz Die Revolution events!


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