duminică, 29 martie 2009

The Beginning of the End

Confide in me and tell me, why the worthless never die
And tell to me my darling, why
we cast our pearls to swine
Please come to me and show me, why
the dead refuse to bleed
Why nothing lasts forever, and the past can’t be retrieved

I am the alpha and the omega;
I am the
beginning and the end.
I am the answer I am the enigma;
I am the flame which never ends

love will ever save you, no kisses are too deep
cross will give you answers, or satisfy your needs
faith will give you pleasure, that takes away the pain
hate will give you meaning, and make you feel again

Are we living just for pleasure, or for reasons yet unknown?
Let us realize our secrets, when we reach into my soul
Let my dreams be remembered, when I lay down not to sleep
Hell is where the heart is, it’s a place for you and me

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Schwarzer Wolf spunea...


Alice spunea...

Din ce melodie e ?

Horia Ciurtin spunea...

Si eu care credeam ca aproape nimeni nu mai asculta Ordo ...

Alice spunea...

E geniala :">

Violent Disorder spunea...

Ai incercat tot de la ORE"The Love And Defiance Of Being Alive"?:)