miercuri, 28 septembrie 2011


I love it when I have work to do. The thing I hate the most is sitting around and doing nothing. I may be lazy for not wanting to go 'till the shop at the corner, but I'm never lazy when it comes to art projects. With the internet connection got back, I have now started to polish my existing profiles, deleting the un-useful ones and creating accounts on different art websites to promote my work. In the same time, I am trying to take up projects and improve my skills with my Wacom tablet.

I am still not so sure if I should apply for university this year. It does not provide me with the stuff I would like to learn, but in the end Romania doesn't have the best education system. I though of waiting 2 more years, until I will have enough clients, and move in another country. I always though of Finland actually, my brother is already there, I know many persons, etc. Except for the fact that it's pretty cold and that language is soo complicated, I do not see a problem going there.

Day 29 - A Song From My Childhood

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