joi, 29 septembrie 2011

En fin!

Day 30 - My Favourite Song Last Year

This is definetly time for Aesthetic Perfection! I was obssesed with this song and sincerely, I can't wait to see them live. Best would be to see them in Romania, now that Combichrist came, everything is possible he he he.
They are a great band, neat and with a clean-dancing sound without getting to far from industrial. 


Now that I finished this 30 Day Song Challenge (phew) it's time to make an announcement.

Tanz Die Revolution website is up! I didn't uploaded all the content I had on the previous one because they were old news. Instead, please be patient and give some time until this website will be on its feet again.

With these being said and because TDR is in fact a big project, I am in need of content writers. There aren't so many requirements, just to be interested in the electro-gothic-industrial scene and to know english. Also, you can send an album review whenever you want. There is no compensation at this point, however, if I see that you are much more than interested, TDR can provide you the chance to meet & see various bands at different festivals, concerts, etc.
So if you feel interested, please send an email at

Support the scene! If you like industrial, gothic, etc, do something for it!

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