luni, 12 decembrie 2011

Week 5 - 11 December

Although I haven't posted here lately, I do feel the need to this. I had a lot of projects/work to do so this personal blog wasn't in my top priorities. Also, I do find I am a bit without inspiration, not because I do not have any subjects to talk about, but I relly ended up as being indifferent to most of them. Yes, I know "indifference is a crime" but still, not in the mood of exposing my opinions and beliefs lately.

So, I decided to make a special post on every monday to showcase what my other blogs/websites went up to during the past week. For now, I will only showcase postings from my currently online ones, Malice Art (my portfolio still in working) and Tanz Die Revolution (electro-gothic-industrial community from Romania). I have in plan another two websites, and one of them will be with cooking (yes, I do have a passion for food).

Malice Art

6 Free Metallic Textures

Tanz Die Revolution

Cybertron 9th Anniversary
Hocico - Blood On The Red Square
New Nine Inch Nails Album?
Angelspit Line-up Change
M'Era Luna Festival 11-12 August

On top of that, I also want to announce you that Bucharest will have the privilege for the first gothic-industrial New Years Party! With a Special Guest from Barcelona, DJ Sharp! More details will soon be announced these days!

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