vineri, 30 septembrie 2011

New Challenge

Ok, as I previously told you, the Tanz Die Revolution website is up and running. Now I just have to take care of the next event, the 1st anniversary. A lot of work to do and a lot of prizes. We changed only for this time the location with a smaller one but they have very very high quality sounding (crystal clear I may say). There are no CD players, but we'll mix with the help of our laptops and Virtual DJ :p

Because I enjoyed the 30 Day Song Challenge I though I should try another one.

25 Day Challenge: Deep thoughts about you

Day 1 - Your favorite picture of yourself and one interesting fact for every year you've been alive.

I like a lot of pictures of myself, but I think I prefer this one at the moment. Now I should start talking stuff about me, in 20 major ideas:

1 - I never had earrings. I had just an industrial piercing and one in my left hand. So I never wore any earrings and I'm comfortable with that
2 - I do not have eyebrows for like 5-6 years or maybe more (I can't actually remember). No, it doesn't bother me, I draw them quickly and I'm not going to tattoo them
3 - I do not have any tattoos. I love them, I appreciate them but I know that I get bored pretty easy. I am planning for a tattoo for like years, but I can't decide where to put it.
4 - I bite my nails. Not only my nails, but I also like to eat the skin around them. Yes, I have ugly nails
5 - I have a brother and a sister. Older than me, of course
6 - I party like hell, drink like an animal, etc. Large amounts of alcohol were inside me and will be but I get drunk very hard. And never to the point where I can't control myself or can't remember what I did the previous night
7 - I played tennis for 3 years or so. I like that sport. Not into it so much lately
8 - I can't swim. I drown like a rock
9 - I don't want to get a drivers license. I will immediately go with more than 150km/h and something will happen for sure
10 - A lot of persons criticized me thinking that I am rich. No, I am not and I never was :)
11 - I adore computer games. Total geek. Had days, weeks, months sitting in front of the computer playing online games (Runescape, WoW, etc). When Diablo III will appear, it's going to be the same
12 - I cook very good. Had a lot of appreciations on this matter. And no, I do not cook only french fries. I am talking about much more complicated meals. And I also like to decorate them so they look like you were served in a exquisite restaurant.
13 - I have no regrets
14 - I never had a surgery in my life
15 - I believe in natural remedies. They always work
16 - I sang in the church choir when I was little. That doesn't mean I believed in Christianity. I has some privileges let's say :)
17 - I am a cat person :p
18 - Most of my best friends were in fact my enemies... Well, "enemy" is a harsh word to say, but let's say we didn't get along at all.
19 - I love going at antique stores :P
20 - Interested in occultism. Have a pretty big collection of books, also e-books.

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I didn't know you do not have earholes